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Evidence shows foreign election interference on social media; why a psychology researcher says you probably don’t notice


Using cognitive behavior therapy to break racial bias habits



Breaking the Bias Habit: An Evidence-Based Intervention in Duke’s Biology Department


Wisconsin Public Radio, The Morning Show – Does Anti-Bias Training Work?

Researcher: Despite Good Intentions, Anti-Bias Training Can Actually Backfire 

Washington Post article including stuff about me – What happens when a gay person grows up in an anti-gay home



A gay rights blog mentioned my upcoming article on Stereotyping to Infer Orientation and The Gaydar Myth


The Association for Psychological Science posted about my recent article on plausible deniability for prejudice-based aggression


The Jury Room (a law website) discussed my Plausible Deniability paper: Racist Roads Not Taken and Prejudice-Based Aggression



CNN Newsroom did a segment on the deprejudice article.


The APS press release for my article in PPS: Prejudice Can Cause Depression at the Societal, Interpersonal, and Intrapersonal Levels, Researchers Argue

Science Daily

PhysOrg / Medical Xpress

Medical News Today


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Stonehearth Newsletters: Depression may be caused by prejudice from the self or from another person


From the American Association for the Advancement of Science: EurekAlert!


Medical Xpress: Prejudice and Depression – Societal, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal


Healthy Reads discusses the integrated perspective on prejudice and depression here


“Maybe Days” blogged about the deprejudice article here.


Archpsychological posted a nice overview of the deprejudice article: Bullying and Cyberbullying: Are Depressed People Prejudiced Against Themselves?


Big Think did an article on my plausible deniability for prejudice-based aggression paper: People Are Aggressively Prejudiced If They Think They Won’t Get Caught, Study Finds



UW-Madison Lab Uses Scientifically Proven Method for Overcoming Unconscious Bias


The New York Times, Science Section – Why Stanford Researchers Tried to Create a ‘Gaydar’ Machine. This journalist interviewed me extensively to point out the problems in recent, widely-publicized paper that purported to show that artificial intelligence algorithms can identify who is gay or straight. I think the journalist did a great job summarizing things!


AKSARBENT – Junk science in Stanford’s artificial intelligence gayface study that Newsweek, The Guardian, The Economist and Big Gay missed A somewhat irreverent blog post that dissects the recent “AI gaydar” study, by (correctly) applying our work demonstrating the fundamental flaws in gaydar accuracy research to this new study.


A lot of my work was featured on this episode of Invisibilia on NPR, including interviews with me and Trish Devine. Our part starts around the 35-minute mark.


An article in Science Magazine interviewed me, discussing my work with Patrick Forscher, Trish Devine, and Markus Brauer experimentally testing for race and gender biases in the NIH grant review process: Can fake names tease out NIH reviewer bias?


An article in The Atlantic covers a lot of my recent work: Is This How Discrimination Ends?


CNN Health – The truth about ‘gaydar’


The Conversation piece inspired a few other outlets to cover my work

Attitude – There’s No Such Thing as ‘Gaydar’, According to a New Study

PopSugar – Everything You Thought You Knew About “Gaydar” Is Wrong

Out – Science Confirms ‘Gaydar’ Isn’t Real, But Stereotypes Certainly Are

Metro – Is there actually such a thing as a gaydar?

The WOW Report – Right or Wrong, Is “Gaydar” Really a Thing? Science Now Knows For Sure.

Instinct – Is Gaydar Real? A New Study Uncovers The Truth


The Conversation invited me to write a popular press piece on my recent gaydar papers: Debunking the ‘gaydar’ myth

Reposted by Salon – Debunking the ‘gaydar’ myth


Big Think did an article on my plausible deniability for prejudice-based aggression paper: People Are Aggressively Prejudiced If They Think They Won’t Get Caught, Study Finds


Pacific Standard mentioned some of my work in an article on LGBTQ representation in cartoons: Get With the Program: The Coming Out of Children’s Cartoons
They discussed our work on Elvis & Duran, the number one morning radio show in the U.S.!


Live interview, Wisconsin Public Radio, Central Time UW Researcher Challenges Notion Of ‘Gaydar’ MP3 Download

Featured in this week’s issue of Inside UW-Madison

Following the media attention, our wonderful editor, Dr. Cynthia Graham, asked our publisher if they would make the article free open access, and they agreed! You can now get the article freely from the publisher’s website, here: Inferences About Sexual Orientation: The Roles of Stereotypes, Faces, and The Gaydar Myth
Third highest trending story on Facebook, with 9.1K people discussing it:
HuffPost Live – QueerView – ‘Gaydar’ Is Just Camouflaged Stereotyping, New Study Finds – Live video interview.
Yahoo! Health – ‘Gaydar’ May Not Actually Be a Thing – Very happy with how this one turned out!
Attn: – Is Gaydar Real? – I like the journalist’s use of our infographic!
Newser – ‘Gaydar’ Isn’t Real, but It Is Dangerous: The Myth of Gaydar Legitimizes Stereotypes, According to New Study – I don’t like how some sites have amped up the headlines to start saying gaydar is “dangerous” — the findings and claims in the paper are, of course, much more tame than that.
Queerty – Gaydar Doesn’t Exist, According To New Study We Refuse To Believe – I adopt a general policy of not getting into internet flame wars (though of course I engage with anyone who wants to engage in thoughtful discussion), but I must say, Queerty certainly misunderstands the claims of the work, and clearly didn’t read it. And they certainly never contacted me to ask about it. I do appreciate how they compare gaydar to the Force (you know, Star Wars magic), and the irony that they say I just can’t understand, because I’m not gay. Any ladies out there want to date a guy who has newly been declared straight by Queerty’s use of The Force? #confirmationbias #magicisntreal #feelingsareneithersciencenorjournalism #I’mrathergaythankyouverymuch
Towleroad – In Defense Of Gaydar – More dismissive blogging that didn’t read the paper or talk to me. But, a little more thoughtful than some, at least.
NewNowNext – Gaydar Is Not Real, Study Claims – Yeesh!  This one absolutely butchered the coverage and messes up the facts of the studies and what I’ve said. 🙁
You Beauty – Study: Gaydar Isn’t a Thing. Researchers are calling it “the gaydar myth.” – This one also messes it up a bit.
KABC Los Angeles – Radio Interview
The Washington Post – Study: Your ‘gaydar’ is terrible – Very nice coverage; the author clearly read the full paper, with all its caveats and qualifications!
Late Night with Seth Myers – Seth Myers used the work to make a joke! I love it! It’s at about 3:18 into the video.
The Drum – Put your gaydar down and stop trying to work out people’s sexuality – I really appreciate this author’s personal touch to the piece!
Wisconsin State Journal & – UW-Madison study connects ‘gaydar’ to stereotyping
Red Orbit – Is ‘gaydar’ real?
Bustle – Is “Gaydar” Real? Science Says It Might Not Be — And, In Fact, Just Promotes Stereotyping People <– Thus far, this is the most thoughtful, touching coverage I’ve seen!
The Stir – ‘Gaydar’ Is Not Real So Stop Trying to Use It – Amusing excerpt: “Scientists are throwing some serious shade on the supposed instinct/feeling that someone is gay.”
The Social – Why ‘gaydar’ could be a myth – A nice discussion! I especially like the points made by the last two speakers.
09/03/15 – The UW-Madison press release for the gaydar paper: The science of stereotyping: Challenging the validity of ‘gaydar’
07/24/15 – My team created an infographic to communicate some of our work on The Gaydar Myth. It can be found here.


03/01/10 – I was mentioned in the APA Research Roundup: Evidence for the ‘Obama Effect’


02/16/2009 – Researchers cite President’s role in reducing racism